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Completely free watermarked image hosting. This site started as a means for collectors and artists that wish to share images with other collectors or potential buyers without risking theft of intellectual property, use without permission, and potential fraud. When images are uploaded, a discreet watermark is added so you can share images that can be definitively be traced back to you as the original owner.

We offer uploads any of the three most popular web image formats (jpg, png and gif) and these will be watermarked with your username across the middle of the image and date/time stamped at the bottom of the image to show exactly when it was uploaded and by which user to prevent users from stealing your images or using them without your permission.

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IMGsecure Image Hosting Terms & Conditions of Use

imgsecure.com Terms & Conditions, updated 4/14/2015.

IMGsecure Image Hosting provides a free image and photo hosting service. Users of this service may upload as many digital images as they wish and can then let others view the images by letting them know the URL of the image. Images that are marked "Public" will be visible on the home page and can be browsed on your image profile or on links to your gallery.

This is a free service so please don't abuse it. You are authorized to sign up for and use one account only. Any members suspected of creating more than one account may have their accounts deleted and all images removed at any time. Special permission may be obtained for creating multiple accounts. Keep in mind, in addition to watermarking your images, this site can be used to positively identify your images from someone else's images. There is rarely a benefit to having multiple accounts, and having the same image uploaded with differing watermarks can compromise the credibility (and therefore security) of the image in question.

All images are the copyright of their respective owners. You may not use any of the images on this site for any purpose without the permission of the copyright holder. You must own the copyright, or have permission from the copyright holder for any images you upload to this website. As a general rule, if you personally took a photograph, you are the legal copyright holder of that photograph. Same is true if someone else took the photograph, then you are not the legal copyright holder of that photograph.

This is an excerpt from http://www.copyrightlaws.com/us/legally-using-images/:
Under the U.S. Copyright Act, images of various sorts are called “pictorial, graphic, and sculptural works”. These works are defined to “include two-dimensional and three-dimensional works of fine, graphic, and applied art, photographs, prints and art reproductions, maps, globes, charts, diagrams, models, and technical drawings, including architectural plans.” So illustrations, photographs, charts and the like, are all protected by copyright.

If you have doubts of what is protected under copyright law, please research these laws before uploading questionable content.

You must not upload any images containing material that is of an adult nature, illegal, defamatory, promotes racism, hatred or discrimination.

Any images found to break our terms and conditions will be removed with no warning. Anyone who uploads an image that violates our terms may be banned from using this site with no prior notice. In the case of violation of our terms, we reserve the right to share any information we hold on the user concerned with any interested 3rd parties.

If you believe one of our members has uploaded images to our site that break our terms and conditions please contact us so we can take appropriate action. Terms & Conditions subject to change.

Please read our privacy policy and frequently asked questions for further information.